Fire Extinguishers & Equipment

Fire Extinguishers & Equipment

We provide a wide range of firefighting equipment, signage, testing and certification services. Our experienced and highly competent engineers work rigorously to ensure you meet all necessary regulations – and, vitally, that everything you use is in perfect working order. Keeping you, your employees and customers safe.

We're British Fire Consortium members and ISO9001 qualified.

No single type of extinguisher is totally effective on every kind of fire. So before buying a fire extinguisher, it is vital to look carefully at what type of fire it has to be used on.

We supply

  • Water
  • Foam
  • Dry Powder (ABC rated)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Dry Water Mist
  • Fire Blankets in a range of sizes

Also, with the emergence of smaller wet chemical fire extinguishers, households are starting to use these for deep fat fryer fires etc, although wet chemical fire extinguishers were originally used only in a professional kitchen environment.

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We are members of The British Fire Consortium and an AICO expert installer.

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