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Electrical Safety & Savings

If you regard your home as your castle, then you can count on our qualified, experienced electrical engineers to make it a convenient, bright, warm and welcoming sanctuary.

Our NICEIC approved professional electricians are available across the Scottish Highlands to take care of all your household electrical repairs and maintenance, to upgrade your existing electrical systems or install new ones. We also undertake re-wiring and wiring projects on all types of residential properties, including new builds.

Being environmentally conscious we enjoy finding ways to help you save on your electricity consumption, both to bring down the bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Did you know, for example that faulty wiring (besides putting you at risk of electric shocks and electrical fires) can cause a spike in the amount of power you’re using?

If you have any doubts about the state of the electrics in your home it’s worth having us investigate and check your wiring and circuits.

Home Charging Points for Vehicles

Scotland is leading the way with the introduction of electric vehicles, with the Scottish Government predicting there’ll be one million on our roads by 2030.

We’ve certainly noticed an ever-increasing demand for home-based EV charging points since we began installing these some years ago. It’s not only convenient to be able to charge up your car in the garage or driveway, but it saves having to queue or wait at public charging ports and – so our clients tell us – increases your property’s value.

Our certified electricians are experienced and competent at installing EV charging points, and able to advise you on the right type of charger to suit your home and your vehicle’s make and model. These EV charging points can also be linked to the building’s solar panels.

Friendly & Reliable Household Electricians

SWL Electrical in Easter Ross is a division of a well-known Scottish company that is involved in supporting industry with safety and lifting services. We’ve been around for decades, and proved that we can be relied on to deliver prompt, professional service with a smile.

We are Which? Trusted Traders with a growing and glowing list of testimonials from our customers, both commercial and domestic, who appreciate our commitment to customer service and excellent workmanship.

When we come to do electrical work in your home we try to be as unobtrusive as possible.

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