How One Became three

The Success Story of a Scottish Company

Who We Are

We’re proud to say that Safety Welding & Lifting (International) Ltd, or SWL as it has become – is a name recognised in numerous industrial sectors not only in our homeland of mainland Scotland and its islands, but across the UK and, increasingly, internationally.

We’ve earned our recognition by dint of hard work and providing top notch safety and support services in the fields of lifting equipment, electrical services and fire protection.

We put our customers first, respond promptly to requests for quotations, offer competitive pricing and ensure delivery takes place as promised with quality products.

From humble beginnings we have expanded our operations exponentially over the years, and the company now consists of three different divisions, each continuing to achieve their own successes.

Where It Began

SWL was founded in Invergordon, a busy port in northern Scotland, back in 1994 to support the myriad of companies operating in and around Cromarty Firth, offering goods and services to the offshore oil industry.

The company took flight rapidly, selling and hiring out lifting, hydraulic and fall arrest equipment. Then lifting equipment repairs were added to the repertoire, along with load testing and thorough examination of lifting equipment capabilities, the manufacture of wire and chain assemblies, and specialist Non-destructive testing (NDT) services like Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), and Dye Pen Inspection (DP)

The clientele flowed in, our reputation grew along with our service offerings, and in 2015 we were bought out by Rosskeen Holdings (the McDonald Scaffolding Group).

Division Pays Dividends

With our lifting operations reaching new heights, diversification seemed a natural progression.

First came the establishment of a stand-alone electrical division, allowing us to gain an electrical contract with the Highland Council. After this – responding to demand- SWL Fire Protection was created.

This trilogy of divisions all complement each other, reinforcing the quantity and quality of services that all three can offer their individual clients, and the operations of the SWL group as a whole.

Our General Manager, Duncan MacLeod, is quite sure the story hasn’t ended just yet. As our focus shifts towards supporting the green energy sector we’ll continue to employ, local talent and expand our range of services, never losing sight of our commitment to customer service and delivering good value for money.

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